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Monster Penis Proves That Size Does Matter! Why Are Women Obsessed With Monster Manhood Shafts? Efficient And Affordable Methods To Reshape Your Modest Manhood Into A Real Monster Penis!

Have you ever given any consideration to that entire sensational hullabaloo about the penis size? Looks like lots of male and female individuals nowadays are perfectly obsessed with the idea of a penis. The online stores, Web sites and TV, the sport newspaper and glossy magazines are full of seducing and attractive ads promoting pills, devices, gadgets and exercise systems for penis enlargement. They promise to provide any male person with a veritable penis in the shortest time possible and : at affordable expense, into the bargain.

As it was definitely confirmed by miscellaneous scientific research and interviewing, the female part of the population does give honest preference, as far as the sexual pleasures are concerned. A lover with modestly sized manhood could be a black-belt expert in Kama Sutra and all other love-making techniques, but he would not stand a competition against an actual for long. Love-making skills are important and nobody is going to argue this statement. Still, a guy with a huge manhood is able to satisfy any lady in the simplest way of in and out movements!

In order to understand this sudden surge of the monster penis popularity, it should be realized that a penis size does matter for enjoyable love-making. As the consequence, has become a phenomenon of quite social significance. It can be compared to the indexes of financial welfare of a male person. What penis size could be really considered a "monster" one? Well, any penis with the size of about eight inches and beyond it in erected position - and the corresponding girth, naturally - can perfectly qualify for the title. If compared to financial ranking and yearly incomes, then such a monster would correspond to a six-zero income. A penis of about seven inches in length is very close to the limit of six figures income. The most common penis size of six inches - the majority of adult males enjoys possession of exactly such penises - should correspond to something like $40 -45,000 a year. A five-inch penis, alas, means living below the poverty level. So, as you see, the question of penis dimensions is really of critical importance!

The case of being endowed with a monster penis does not bring a guy any additional benefits in financial terms, but such a person, even if he has a common salary, enjoys wonderful and self-fulfilling confidence everywhere inside and outside the offices, within the gyms, locker rooms, in bed with their love-making partners - literally everywhere! They do not have to compensate for the tiny penis size through acquiring another expensive Porsche sports car and so on. They are confident enough as they are, because they are masters. Still, for those living in poverty of tiny penises, there are good news. The confidence of a monster penis master can be regained by any male person interested in this process. Nowadays there are efficient ways to enlarge one's manhood both in length and girth, so you can become an owner in a couple of months!

The success on your way to getting a monster penis requires a wise and balanced strategy on your part. You have to remember that not all penis enlargement methods that are seductively advertised on Internet and in other mass media do perform as they are promised too. Lots of shady companies are feeding upon the frustrations and humiliations of guy with small penises. Such scam-companies have flooded the market with worthless pills, sprays, ointments and what not. They promise getting you in a matter of weeks, but that is bullshit. There are no pills in existence capable of extending your penis for a fraction of an inch. No way! Pills, be they synthetic prescription drugs or less expensive all-natural herbal enhancers, have been designed originally with quite different purpose in mind. All kind of sexual enhancement pills (female sexual enhancement products) are no good for penis size enlargement, but they do their job perfectly well if your problem is erectile dysfunction or low male libido. Pills are great for revitalization of male sexual drive. They improve blood circulation and help to improve the poor erections. Pill will ensure that you feel sexually aroused at the proper moments, as well as get a good, long-staying hard-on. But no monster penis for you, the penis will remain its original size.

Another useless method of penis enlargement is vacuum penis pumps. Probably you have met their ads with promises of getting you a monster penis in no time. Vacuum pump is a device for helping people with their erection problems. With a vacuum pump a user can obtain an excellent hard-on. His penis will actually look as if it has become bigger than usual. But a pump is a one-time action device, it has to be operated each time you need an erection. After the device is removed from your penis shaft the penis immediately deflates, the blood leaves the erectile cavities and you are left with the same penis size as always. No permanent enlargement effect can be obtained with a penis pump, even if it has been used regularly for considerably long periods of time.

Penile surgery is an extremely expensive and potentially unsafe method of penis enlargement. Not many guys whishing are ready to separate with several thousands of dollars. Besides, the length and girth enhancement of a penis are two separate surgical procedures, so full-fledged penis enhancement should be paid for twice!

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  • Are there any efficient ways to help with penis curvature problem?

    The generic shape of a penis in erected state is usually distinguished by a very slight curve or sideways "hang", and such shape of penis is found with almost 100% of male population. At the same time a very slight share of men, about 0.4%, that is, 400 men in every 100,000, are unlucky owners of a penis that suffers deformations when erected; it becomes so extremely bent or curved that having sexual intercourse is either too painful for both partners or completely impossible. The reason for this frustrating deformation is the build-up of fibrous scar tissue in the layers of erectile tissue (cavernosa). Because of this build-up the erect penis can obtain a "J" or "U" shape. Sometimes it bends several times and, as a result, its appearance very much reminds of that of a corkscrew. In medical terms this dysfunction is known as Peyronie's Disease, or fibrous caverositis (because of the tissue build up).

    Though it has been recognized that the condition of Peyronie's disease occurs in cases when the healthy and elastic tissue of the penis becomes replaced by inelastic plaque or scar-like tissues, the medical experts in the field of reproductive organs pathology still disagree about the exact cause of the illness. In the process of a standard, normal erection the sound elastic tissue expands more or less symmetrically, resulting in a common straight erection. But the abnormal scar-like tissue is not so elastic, and is not able to stretch symmetrically. In principle it can stretch, but rather hard, it stays contracted while other parts of the penis are enlarged due to the inflow of blood. The result is an extreme curvature or bending. If the scar tissue manages to encircle the whole body of the penis it produces so called "bottleneck" effect or can even lead to frustrating shortening of the penis.

    Severe injury, inflammation, or some kind of trauma to the erected penis, for instance, some extremely forceful bending are considered the most common causes that may bring about the unfortunate circumstance of Peyronie's disease. Attempts to treat erectile dysfunction with help of injection of some popular drugs such as Caverject are also known among the reasons for a Peyronie's condition. As many medical experts in the related field came to believe strongly, some other health problems - among them high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries or diabetes, or even some rare genetic causes to which they may be linked to - are responsible for the onset of Peyronie's. On the other hand, for the present time a penis trauma followed by late, slow or incorrect treatment is known to be the most popular culprit.

    The treatment of the frustrating Peyronie's dysfunction calls for careful and individual approach, since every case is different and that should be understood in the first place. Many male persons consider the corrective surgery a logical choice, but physicians, as a rule, in general recommend their patients not to jump to decisions and wait of at least a year or two before giving a try to surgical methods of the curvature correction. While waiting for the surgery many would-be patients come to conclusion that the surgery is a too drastic choice that should be made as the last-resort only. It is easy to believe since if you try a search online with the keywords "penile curvature surgery" you will witness some very graphic photos that are forthrightly not to those weak-nerved. So it is not surprising that most patients will try other ways of treatment in the first place.

    In some cases, the condition of suffering men improves spontaneously without treatment within a year or two, and scar tissue may even disappear. About 40% of men see no change within that time frame, though, and another 40% may even see worsening of conditions. One of the two most-performed surgeries, called the Nesbit procedure, often results in a shortening of the penis by 1 to 2 inches; the other procedure in which scar tissue is replaced with grafted tissue may result in partial or complete loss of erectile function. In these cases, prior to surgery and during the "waiting period," alternative treatments are certainly worthwhile and more effective than doing nothing at all, and they are infinitely more preferable given the extreme nature of the surgical treatments.

    The best and most successful self-treatment alternative for the extremes of curvature correction surgery is nowadays found in the form of traction devices, especially when combined with a course of Vitamin E therapy. The traction device to correct curvature problem was invented and developed by Swedish doctor, Jorn Ege Siana, and was meant for post-penis-surgery patients to ensure their proper healing. It is still widely used in clinics and hospitals throughout the USA and Europe. The most successful of corrective devices is the well-known and well-trusted ProExtender. This device very gently applies consistent, carefully measured traction force to the penis. This traction force prevents the hardening of scar tissue, and, at the same time, helps to shape correct straight-arrow dimensions of the penis. Since it is necessary for the method to be applied consistently for a period of several months, the design of the device lets it to be worn discreetly under clothing. You can even wear it at work if you do not do any heavy-duty physical jobs.

    Besides absence of possibility of adverse side effects or the trauma and invasive risks of corrective surgery, the traction-device treatment has some other obvious benefits, such as comparatively low cost, and the advantage of doing all necessary treatment at home, not at a hospital or clinic. Many prefer to combine the method with a course of Vitamin E. Its effectiveness against penile curvature was thoroughly studied and confirmed during the 1940s and 1950s. There also exists a rather popular and efficient natural supplement used to treat Peyronie's disease. It is Potaba (known as well as potassium amonobenzoate). This supplement does bring some positive results against Peyronie's disease but the treatment course requires taking 24 pills per day for during as long as 6 months, so the cost of the medication supply is rather high. Some other oral medications and supplements available in case of Peyronie's disease can be purchased strictly on prescription of specialists. In general, before applying any of mentioned methods a prospective patient should sick a professional advised of an experienced physician.

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